Original Abstract Heavy Textured LandScape shipped to Wisconsin Art Collector

fantasy 2

Fantasy II ~ Abstract LandScape

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Poetic Art Statement: Fantasy of Fun ~ Dream of Delight. 36″ x 24″ Eco-Friendly Heavily Textured Oil Painting. Fantasy No.2 by Michele Morata is a One-of-a-Kind Abstract Landscape using only Organic Art Mediums healthy for our homes, offices, and earth. Fantasy No.2 has a happy, lightly floral, romantic and landscape feel.

Eco-Friendly Crushed Stone from Italy with handmade international recyclable mediums are layered under the Oil with Silver, Champagne Beige, Bronze, and Gold natural metallic earth pigments. Painting sides are 1.5″ thick stretched canvas with lightly textured Black edges. Water-based Oils with no added chemicals are layered over the textures. Eco-friendly Archival Matte Glaze invented by Michele Morata completes the work.

My original paintings are featured in fine art galleries, private and corporate collections, as well as movie sets, TV shows/commercials, and book covers.

Color Tones: Purple, Pink, Peach, Gold, Gold (Yellow-based), Silver, Champagne (Silver-Gold), Bronze, Cream (Off-White), Taupe, Grey, Beige, Tan, Black, White


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